Sunday, October 17, 2010

Try This...

Sometimes you just know when it's time to take some time away from the world. Time to wrap yourself in a protective mental bubble and rethink the situations in your life that are causing you the most angst. Of course there are expectations in the roles that we, wife, daughter, work colleague... that we must still find the energy and sanity to deal with. But, our own well-being, which is far too often overlooked or flat-out ignored needs to be placed at the forefront of our minds without feeling the storm of guilt that rushes through us when we feel like we aren't living up to the standards of wonderwoman.'re NOT wonderwoman. You're human and there are times when you're entitled to cut off the phones, call out sick, send the kids with family or friends, order take-out instead of slaving over the hot stove and just spend a day under the duvet without feeling like the second coming of Christ is near. Trust me, it will do you some good. It will bring back a sense of clarity to the thoughts that are swimming around and stock piling themselves in the back of your brain. It will give you some time to take inventory of your priorities and reorder them. Try it.


  1. I want you to remember this when your racing 100mph. I'll take your advice when i'm feeling like the whole is sitting on my back......thanks again Mo.