Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives....huh??? I think some more fitting titles for this waste of television airtime would be, "Basketball Jump-Offs, "Basketball Baby Mama's" or maybe "1 and a half Basketball Wives." I mean many of these women were or are actually MARRIED to a basketball player??? Granted, the show is supposed to give an inside look at how crazy and dysfunctional the lives of these women are but honestly speaking...who the hell cares? and who the hell didn't already know that the lives of celebrities and their women are crazy and dysfucntional? This show is nothing but an african-american version of "The Bad Girls Club". Here is another group of grown ass women airing their dirty laundry to the public and earning recognition for being nothing more than trophies and doormats. to be continued...

Friday, April 2, 2010

R.I.P Kim...damn

i'm sitting here staring at this blank screen wondering what the hell to write about...but my mind is just wrapped around something else. a girl i went to school with was stabbed and killed this morning. shocking. i remember the last time i saw her, which was years ago...she looked terrible. drugs had completely taken control of her. she remembered me...but i barely recognized her. i couldn't believe that after watching her sister go through the same addiction that she would choose that path in life. but...we never know what someone is thinking or going through inside their own self. sometimes our minds take us to unspeakable places and if you haven't been taught how to cope with the intensity that life throws your way, the outcome can be detrimental. it's so easy to judge people when you're on the outside looking in, but maybe if we knew what was going on, on the inside we would be able to view things differently. i know what it feels like when you're the only one who knows what's going on in your life and have people judge you for who you are...what it feels like to not know how you're gonna make it through something...and to feel like no one would understand. well, all i can say is that whatever reason she chose to turn to the life she did...none of that sh*t matters at this moment in time. she was still somebody's daughter, somebody's sister, somebody's friend...and though she was taken out of the misery she most definitely was in, somebody's gonna miss her...somebody's gonna cry and somebody's gonna wonder if there was anything they could've done to save her from the streets. my heart breaks for her and those who love her.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Technical Miscommunication...(Monique K. Makell dislikes this)

sometimes it's necessary to think with a clear mind instead of a confused heart. when communication between two people is unclear it leads to misunderstandings...which almost always leads to confusion by at least one of the parties involved. adult conversations about feelings and futures should not be settled via text messages and facebook. there's no closure there (in my opinion) and it diminishes the emotion and sometimes the meaning of those conversations. it's not an adult way to communicate. we've become so technical in our everyday lives that many of our relationships and friendships suffer because they are no longer personal and intimate because instead of hearing the other person's voice and being able to gauge the emotions and feel their excitement or's just a bunch of typed words across a screen. communication is extremely important in our relationships with everyone in our lives and when it's minimized or lacking so many misunderstandings take place. so...if you have something to say to someone that you care about...pick up the phone or meet face to face and say it. stop letting today's technology change how we communicate with our loved ones. peace