Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Go On...

Where do you go from here? When there's nothing left to say, nothing left to talk through, nothing left to work out, no decisions left to be go on. You take all the disappointment and anger and hurt feelings...and you go on with your life because life is going to still go on whether YOU do or not. The sun is still going to rise, the bills will still have to be paid, the kids will still have to be taken care of and the world will continue to spin despite your broken heart and bruised soul. When relationships leave us abandoned, we always take it out on the wrong We abuse ourselves by allowing another person to drain us of our happiness, by not eating, not sleeping, not being able to concentrate on anything but the details of what we thought was our destiny. Instead of accepting that things didn't work out no matter who may be at fault or even if there is no one at fault, we find reasons to place blame...there is no peace in that. There will be NO peace and NO closure until we re-evaluate ourselves outside of the relationship and come to terms with who we are and what role we ourselves may have played in the outcome. You work on YOU...that's where you go when it's over.

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